/ Thursday, May 1, 2008 _How The Evergreen Grows

In the rush of everyday life it’s often hard to take the time to think about where exactly everything originates, from our cars to our food to our bags. From a blooming idea in our designers’ heads to the actual product arriving in stores, our products have lived a whole life before they even arrive home with you. Part of the beauty and richness of our wallets and bags is precisely this life cycle, and one of the most integral parts of this cycle is how it’s all made.

For our Evergreen briefcase, we have artisans in Canada working diligently to hand-sew each briefcase perfectly. One of the first challenges our designers ran into was being able to emboss such a large area of leather with a single die similar to the one used for our wallets. The solution was to create 3 separate dies, one for each panel. With an eye- for detail, the factory workers carefully match our wood grain so that the three separately embossed panels on the front and back fit together seamlessly, giving it the look of a single piece of “wood”.

For such a luxurious piece our designers also wanted to make sure they got everything just right, from the top stitching to the lining to the embossing. The Evergreen briefcase went through 5 revisions to get to where it is today, each one improving the shape, feel, and quality of the bag, from the inside out. We spent just as much attention on the interior as we did on the exterior, ensuring it was beautiful as well as functional. For the lining our designers chose 100% cotton Kvadrat European fabric. The picture above shows the internal gussets being hand sewn, offering extra strength and durability at a key stress point.

For that extra special touch, we created a limited run of each color and individually serial numbered each briefcase for authenticity. These key elements may seem small on their own but each is as important as the next to guarantee that our Evergreen Briefcase is flawless in looks, function, and resilience.

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