/ Wednesday, October 29, 2008 _SCIENCE FIELD TRIP

Constantly inspired by science, the welcoming of the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco was an event that all of us at Hlaska were excited to experience. With all of the inspiration our company pulls from science, we were admittedly a little more excited to visit the museum than most design companies might have been. While we will leave all the details up to you to discover on your own, we will divulge that the new planetarium offered us a source of admiration but also a reminder of how change is so powerful that it can almost erase memories of the past.

Taking a virtual journey from our planet to the furthest reaches of the known universe was quite an experience, especially in the new digital projection dome, complete with reclining seats and pre-show mood lighting.

But it also made us think. Why is it that sometimes, when things are built anew or reinvented, using all of the modern day technology and gloss, we yearn for the way it used to be? We have to admit; we did miss the nostalgia that the original Morrison Planetarium offered, with its 5000-pound star projector as the anchor of the room. There was just something about the intensity of the bright lights on the dome and being able to watch the projector tilt as the “sky” rotated that reminded us of the humble beginnings of space exploration. It felt more tangible in a way, to listen to an actual person speak of the stars instead of a recording of a famous actor reading from a script. You were able to talk with the operator after the show, to ask questions, to take a closer look at the projector. It was more an experience than a light show, more an exploration than entertainment. So, while we highly recommend exploring every inch of the new Academy of Sciences, we will always hold a special place in our hearts for the way it used to be.
/ Monday, October 13, 2008 _Hlaska Store Opening Party
Flagship Store Opening Party

Friday, October 3rd marked the Grand Opening Party for our Flagship store on Fillmore St. in San Francisco. With the impending rain holding off just long enough for everyone to enjoy a shower free evening, the party proved to be a great success. Appetizers and drinks were flowing as our guests were treated to several of our newest collections along with some new design elements that had recently been added to our store. The whole Hlaska team was on hand to answer questions, mingle and enjoy the night with our family, friends and neighbors. We were pleased to welcome many local magazine and blog writers who were able to learn more about us as a company and view all of our collections.

Founder and CEO Anthony Mazzei offered the crowd some insight into his name choice (a combination of Helsinki and Alaska) and design philosophy (scientific inspiration mixed with thoughtful design) with a speech that also acknowledge all those who have been a part of his dream and were able to witness its culmination in the opening of our first store. Vintage skeleton keys were handed out at the door; two special keys were mixed in with the lucky recipients receiving $500 off their purchases that night. The staff also donned the keys as a way to identify themselves as those who could help everyone with questions or purchases, and as a slight nod to our scientific and classic inspirations. The night wound down just as the rain crept in and all our guests departed with well wishes for the future and their new bags and wallet in tow.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all who came out to see our store, support us or just say hello. We look forward to many many years here on Fillmore and hopefully we'll be coming to a city near you soon.

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